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2014-12-01 12:26 pm

Holiday/New Year's cards

Comments are screened! If you'd like a holiday card, please leave your address here and I'll send one along to you.

You're all awesome, and I love the community of people I've met through fandom and through RP.
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2013-01-20 04:35 pm
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Kingdom Hearts

[personal profile] capturedmoon
kingdom Hearts

Axel / Lea
[personal profile] doestheickyjobs
Kingdom Hearts

Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecss
[personal profile] freecssofnature
Hunter X Hunter


[personal profile] dressedtotrill
Angel: the Series

Rupert Giles
[personal profile] prolixitea
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Shinsengumi Imon Peace Maker/Peace Maker Kurogane

Okita Souji
[personal profile] laughingsword
Peace Maker

The X-Files

Fox Mulder
[personal profile] mustbealiens
The X-Files

Dana Scully
[personal profile] skepticstarbuck
The X-Files

Teen Wolf

Alan Deaton
[personal profile] wereclosed
Teen Wolf

Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness

Tsuzuki Asato
[personal profile] sweetdeath
Yami no Matsuei

Highlander: The Series

[personal profile] too_old_for_this

Tokyo Babylon

Sumeragi Hokuto
[personal profile] lodestar
Tokyo Babylon

Due South

Benton Fraser
[personal profile] lickedthat
Due South

The Last Herald-Mage

Tylendel Frelennye
[personal profile] notsogolden
Last Herald-Mage


Caius Greylace
[personal profile] prettylittlesnake
Havemercy series

Genso Suikoden 1

Odessa Silverberg
[personal profile] unstarredhero
Genso Suikoden 1

Vorkosigan series

Miles Vorkosigan
[personal profile] rudelystampd
Miles Vorkosigan series

The World Ends with You

Sanae Hanekoma
[personal profile] ceiling_cat
The World Ends with You

Benjamin January series

Benjamin January
[personal profile] janvier
Benjamin January series

Doctor Who/Torchwood

Ianto Jones
[personal profile] killjoyteaboy
Torchwood/Doctor Who

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